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Conquest, The

The period during which Israel invaded Canaan and subdued the peoples living there. The biblical accounts of conquest and settlement occur in (Num 13-14; (Num 21:1-3, (Num 21:21-32; (Num 21:22-24; (Num 21:32; (Josh 1-24; and Judg 1:1-2:5). After forty years of wandering in the wilderness, the Hebrews launched their invasion by securing the Transjordanian territories of Sihon and Og (Num 21:21-35). Since Moses had been prohibited by God from entering Canaan (Deut 32:48-52), the conquest was under Joshua’s leadership (Josh 1:1-6). Spies were sent to reconnoiter the land, the Jordan River was crossed, and the Israelites established their base of operations at Gilgal (Josh 2-4). Subsequent victories are reported over Jericho (Josh 5-6), Ai (Josh 7:1-8:29), Hazor (Josh 11:10-15), and numerous other towns (Josh 12). But (Judg 1:1-2:5) indicates that the occupation of Canaan was not as swift and comprehensive as a superficial reading of the texts may suggest.